Total recorded: 15 individuals

The list below depicts the names of individuals who have been recorded, or who need to be recorded. If you know of others, send me an e-mail with their name, brief history, and contact person

1. Henry Skriner - Spring Glen, UT

Amazing survival story while fighting in Europe. Unknown wounded soldier saved his life by pulling him from a ditch. The Germans were advancing, so he flung Skriner over his shoulder and ran for miles until reaching a hospital. The soldier died shortly thereafter. Stapley still has metal in his leg and back, and sets off metal detectors at airports.

2. Elmer Bailey - Pleasant View, UT

While working on English tarmacs, Elmer witnessed the continuous flyover to DDay that lasted several days. Assisted in putting together wooden gliders that carried supplies from the air to ground forces.
SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED IN JULY OF 2009 by Kimball Clark. Photos not yet scanned.

3. Blaine Jensen - Farr West, UT

Accompanied Italian and German POWs being shipped from North Africa to the United States. Returned to fight in France, Italy and Germany. Liberated a concentration camp now found to be one of the Dachau Sub-camps. Part of the Chemical Mortar Battallion.
SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED IN NOVEMBER OF 2008 by Kimball Clark. Filmed by Issac Goeckeritz, photos have not yet been scanned.

4. Lester Morton - Kaysville, UT

Was unable to board USS Bunker Hill due to a Montana snowstorm. This carrier eventually became the most damaged carrier in WWII by Kamikazee attacks. The snowstorm could have saved his life.
SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED ON WARBLITZ DAY, June 16, 2009, by Israel Patterson (videographer) and (name forthcoming).

5. Andy Yeiser - Huntington Beach, CA

Assisted the war in interesting scientific projects.

6. Weston Copeland

Unsure about name, but is Steve Erb's Grandpa) - Las Vegas, NV - Marine who enlisted at 16 years of age in 1945. Was involved in a rare battle in China against the newly formed Chinese Communists. Has rare photographs of the event. Marine veteran typically tells other marines, but after being asked, is willing to tell others.

7. Dr. Brough's friend - Layton, UT

8. Fred (last name?) - Clinton, UT

Friend and neighbor to Adolph Huesgen. Navy, fought near Japan and visited Hiroshima.

9. George E. Whalen - Roy, UT

UCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED IN JANUARY OF 2009 by Jason Lund. Recorded by Joshua Wiscombe and friend. Photos not yet scanned. UPDATE: Deceased

10. Dustin Watt's Grandpa - UT

(Unwilling to do video, willing to do audio)

11. Joanne Chournos' Mother

German girl who escaped communism rule, at a young age.

12. Tara Orrock's Grandfather

Survivor of the Philipino Death March. UPDATE: DECEASED

13. ? - Clinton, UT

Lives accross from where Bud Huesgen lived. Doesn't feel like sharing his story, unless his son is present. Still has nightmares.

14. Marcus Cooley - Kaysville, UT

Part of the reconstruction effort in Italy following the war. Said he saw a lot of amazing things.

15. Dewey Griffin - Kaysville, UT

Served in France during the war, never saw combat. UPDATE: Currently in the hospital, not good news.

16. Alta Wilcox - Farmington, UT

It would be nice to have a woman's perspective on the happenings of the civilian homefront.

17. Wallace Gatrell - Farmington, UT - WWII Veteran

Was travelling in the Pacific as a supply officer during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Literally turned around to return to SanFrancisco to equip his boat for war. Spent much of his time in Saipan. Later fought in the Korean War and told of several battle experiences whereby he was awarded the bronze and silver star.
SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED IN JANUARY OF 2009. Recorded by Paul Cocanour, photographs snapped and scanned by Kimball Clark.

18. Gene Gibbs - North Ogden, UT. US Marine, WWII

Wounded on Iwo Jima, was one of three survivors from a group of 57 men.
SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED IN MARCH OF 2009 by Ashley Karras, director of The Inheritance of War . Photos were scanned in June.

19. Adolph Huesgen - Clinton, UT

SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED IN 2008 by Kimball Clark. Filmed by Issac Goeckeritz.

20. Gene Thorpe - Ogden, UT, Air Force Photographer

Flew in top secret missions.

21. Cal McPhie - Salt Lake City, UT.

Served on the USS Finback (Submarine) that rescued George Herbert Walker Bush. Incredible story about the self control required when serving in a submarine, experienced several threatening attacks, descended 450 feet below surface when sub maxed out at 300 feet. Related the story of the U.S.S. Barb, the only submarine to sink a train.
SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED IN JUNE 2008 by Martha Wunderli, filmed by Ashley Karras. Photos scanned.

22. Glen Paulsen - US Navy, WWII.

Very talented technological repairman, repaired top-secret displays during WWII, stated he had served from underwater to high in the air. Filmed by Paul Cocanour, interviewed by Loren Clark on WARBLITZ DAY, June 16th.

23. Harvey Neutabom - US Marine, WWII.

Wounded on Iwo Jima, returned to become a blimp pilot.
SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED ON WARBLITZ DAY, June 16, 2009 by Christine Ence and filmed by Thom Rockwell of Rockwell Digital.Photos will be scanned by Andrew Clark in June.

24. Charles Jarman, WWII Colonel.

Related stories about the stresses and courage in war leadership.
SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED ON WARBLITZ DAY, June 16, 2009 by Rhonda Smith, filmed by Dave Skousen of Skousen Films. Photos scanned by Loren Clark. UPDATE: Deceased

25. Rudolph Family, German Civilians.

Related stories about pre and postwar Germany as teenagers. Discussed interesting situations in dealing with Russian and even Mongolian soldiers who ravaged the towns after the close of the war.
SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED ON WARBLITZ DAY, June 16, 2009 by (name forthcoming), filmed by Kimball Clark and Aaron Spencer. Photos not yet scanned.

26. Harold Poole, WWII POW, Bataan.

Related stories about the Bataan Death March, etc. Story cannot be made public until permission is granted.
SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED IN AUGUST OF 2009 by Buck Eckstrom, filmed by Kimball Clark using a camera provided by Uncharted. Photos not yet scanned.

27. Wanda Gibbs - North Ogden, UT.

Wife of Gene Gibbs, previously interviewed. Her take on being a girlfriend and wife of active-duty soldier on the homefront.
SUCCESSFULLY INTERVIEWED IN MARCH OF 2009 by Ashley Karras, director of The Inheritance of War. Photos were scanned in June.